About Me

My name is Chiara Torres and I am a bilingual freelance translator from English to Spanish and Spanish to English. I studied English and Spanish Law at the University of Kent at Canterbury and carried out an Erasmus year at the University of Deusto in Bilbao. When I finished my degree I decided to pursue a Master in Advocacy and Legal Practice at the University of Deusto and the School of Lawyers of Bizkaia. During that time, I presented all documentation before the Spanish authorities to be able to convalidate my English Law Degree so that I could practice Law in Spain. 

After studying in Bilbao, I moved to Barcelona and did some work experience in the Commercial Law department of a Catalan legal company. During that time and towards the end of my stint at that company the letter from the Spanish authorities came through; I had to sit 9 Spanish law exams to be able to convalidate my degree. Through my boss at that legal company I was able to find work in the legal department of a company that renders company management services. I was lucky enough to be able to work in the mornings and study in the afternoons. I spent two years at that company and finally convalidated my degree. I was then offered a job in the legal department at a different company that renders company management services and spent another two years working full time.

During my time in all companies above mentioned, I drafted legal documentation in several languages but mainly in Spanish and English. It was during my work experience that I started translating all types of legal documentation and this continued in the subsequent two companies that I worked for. Not only did I translate legal documentation, but also websites, company documentation and others…

I finally left Barcelona to come and live in the Basque Country (near San Sebastián) and decided to establish myself as a freelance translator, based on the experience I had gained in my previous jobs. At the same time, in 2011 I registered with the Guipuzkoa Bar Association as a non practicing lawyer and hope to change to an established practicing lawyer as of 2012. I hope I will be able to combine both professional activities.

I am an avid reader and traveller. I love to walk and enjoy climbing mountains.

I am a member of ABIAN, a multidisciplinary team of independent professionals consisting of architects, lawyers, biologists, environmental technicians and translators who have started to work together to offer professional services in a joint manner. 

Please click on the ABIAN logo to find out more:


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